Reduce the management costs of your PC equipment

The fastest solution for PC repair in the market

Self-healing Persystent Suite’s unique self-healing technology provides the ability to reduce the complexity of supporting end-points as well as significantly reducing the manual operating expenses to re-image systems. Our innovative and patented technology even takes corrective action when systems are not logged into the domain or for that matter connected to the network. For instance, the CEO could be 30,000 feet up in an airplane click on an attachment and infect the system; in a matter of seconds Persystent Suite will recover the system and bring it back to the last known desired state. Remote migration Persystent Suite’s remote and automated Windows XP migration solution provides the ability to extend existing migration offerings with the piece of mind that user profiles and settings are saved locally and then put back once the new image has been deployed. With the goal of providing strategic solutions that increases customer satisfaction and enable end-users to focus on the business objectives rather than IT projects.
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