The forms filled by your clients and employees are geographically far from your company and the mailing costs are high to bring them back to your country. The paper form input in your system is costly in terms of staff resulting in a loss of time and productivity. The PDA and tactile tablets acquisition for your employees represents a very high investment in training. Send us your paper forms filled on the ground by email in an instant. Use the power of character recognition to immediately input the paper forms in your IT system. Do not change your employee customs, just change the pen and solve all your integration problems without training, reducing your logistic costs. ROVERINK MAKES YOUR LIFE SIMPLE
Do you need to retrive the handwritten documents completed on the field as soon as possible? Do you need to introduce the information of the forms in your IT system in a quick and reliable way? Do you need to integrate your forms through an automatic and delocalized process? For further information, please visit the RoverInk site.
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