Graphic customization:
The laptops are an important image vector of your society. Thanks to the complete graphic customization, our label is a permanent proof of your company assets.
Control and Inventory of your assets:
Robostop label allows you to unify your assets identification through a reliable and perennial system. A barcode allows a precise management and a quick inventory of your assets. We propose some simple and reactive complementary management tools.
Indelible mark

Robostop Security Label provides your Company or Administration with essential and numerous functionalities:


• High theft dissuasion::


- 97% of stolen or lost non-identified computers are never found.


- 80% of thefts in companies are done by the employees themselves.


Robostop Security Label acts as an excellent deterrent:  An employee will not dare to steal a protected and identified computer for fear of containing a detection system and losing his job.


• Recovery of lost assets:


Robostop Security label has an indelible print on the back with the legend "Stolen Equipment" and a free telephone number to contact with and organise the asset recovery.


During the application of the label with our special glue, a chemical process engraves the print on whatever material.

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