TheSecurityExperts To choose the best security solutions for your computer assets is not a simple budgetary question. It is the company needs that dictate the solution. CHT Supply listens to you and knows how to integrate and turn your needs into an optimum equation when designing your computer strategy protection. information security Our computer security products are especially adapted to the global protection of the information of your IT equipment: Encryption and information remote erasure. We can provide you with a tailored solution for your computers and laptops according to your needs. IT equipment protection Does your company suffer frequent internal thefts? Do your executives lose their laptops in hotels and airports? CHT Supply provides you with solutions for identification, tracking, RFID warning and blocking systems to render your computer inoperable. Tailored Software Solutions To have the best products is not enough. It is necessary to integrate them within the systems of the company. Our IT development unit has designed numerous management solutions and can create interfaces tailored to your needs. We propose SIRA, a flexible and complete management tool for your assets.
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