This enrollment suitcase is thought to satisfy all of the requirements of data recollection in the field, in tough environments and with a minimum of training. It is easily customized, and it allows entering data like civil status, scanning supporting documents by the scanner attached, capture fingerprints according to the standard ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005 and the portrait as recommended by the standard OACI DOC9303. Also, the printing of a receipt or a card is possible when connected to a printer.


The enrollment suitcase station is easily integrated in a transportable suitcase that allows the use of all the equipment from the moment of its opening without a

complicated installation.


This enrollment suitcase station is the result of the mix from the latest technologies of digital acquisition, the knowledge of several international experts in biometric

enrollment and the technologies of identity cards printing, so that the enrollment time effective is reduced.


A digitalization system of scripts documents allows to fast and natural enter the alphanumeric information needed to the databases: the data entering is made without any complementary insert information thanks to the OCR processing.

Captures 2, 6 or 10 fingers thanks to a spectrum of adapted captors: capture of one finger, capture of two fingers, or captor 4-4-2.


A quality control is achieved, also a search for double data entry in the local based station. The image capture is made by one camera HD and the framing of the face

its automatically done respecting the OACI DOC9303 recommendations.


The connection to a central AFIS is possible if available an internet connection (safe connection).


The access to safe data is made trough Login/Password or Login/Fingerprints.

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